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 "I HATE being bored!  

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 "I only have 1 MAJOR rule: Only NICE People...

No Meaner Heads, Grumpies or

Negative Ninnies ALLOWED!

I want only Positive, Proactive,

Smiling People in my life...  Don't you?"


It is amazing when you place a smile on your face

and say something nice

how much that changes the world. 



“Tonya Hofmann’s energy alone is able to fill a room! With her upbeat attitude, contagious smile and personal stories she leaves you feeling uplifted, connected and excited about jumping into a challenge. During her session she was able to gage the audience and tailor her topic as she interacted and spoke with our members. Tonya understood our association’s needs in a way that made answering our member’s questions easy and personal. It was a great afternoon and a great reminder that hard work and positivity goes a long way!“


Sarie E. Tocket– Chapter Relations Event Coordinator




I met Tonya Hofmann at just the right time. I was struggling with getting a business going and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t making money because I was certainly working hard enough. Tonya described what I was doing wrong and how she could help. Wow – She is a top-notch business developer. She exceeds everything I expected – no one should think of starting a business without her. I am amazed at her knowledge about starting a business and all the services she offers.

Jan Marquart: CEO and Founder of About the Author Networ